Are People Less Lonely Today?

A recent study from Sweden argues people today in that nation are less lonely than groups reported twenty five years ago. This raises an interesting question as to whether the emergence of technology over the past two decades has impacted attitudes and behavior concerning loneliness. In 1985, “49% of the adult population(in Sweden) experienced loneliness often or sometimes compared to 42 percent when asked the same question this time.” The state of loneliness is not always a negative life position since many great thinkers in the midst of loneliness produced important pieces of writing or art or music. However, the question still remains are modern humans more or less lonely in their lives.

The introduction of MySpace, Facebook, and millions of web sites enables people to remain in the safety of their home and engage in interactions with people they have never seen. In a sense, this does impact the sense of being lonely since one is engaged in the lives of other humans. Perhaps, we still do not understand how these forms of human interaction impact the mental processes of individuals. Is the end result healthier sense of being? Or does loneliness undergo alterations in its dynamic due to technology?