Are Republicans Against Gun Rights?

Paul Thomas, writing in the New Zealand Herald, expressed bewilderment at the antics now being displayed by Republican congressional leaders as well as as media that has gone berserk. A land composed of immigrants, many of whom arrived without benefit of adhering to legal procedures is now up in arms against immigrants. A nation which historically regarded itself as a center of democracy and freedom is now going wild because Muslims wish to build a mosque even though there are churches and synagogues within eye sight of the Scared Ground known as the World Trade Center. Thomas was shocked at comments by leading Republicans like Fred Thompson who seek to change the 14th Amendment. “That law was created in another time and place for valid reasons: it probably needs to be revisited.” In one sense, the old Law and Order TV star is right about revisiting old laws. What about revisiting the 2nd Amendment which was written in another time and place for valid reasons: shouldn’t it be revisited since an Indian threat is no longer present?

Republicans are simply displaying their true colors– they dislike the basic principles of the Bill of Rights and would be perfectly happy if all were cast aside–provided it was done by a Republican Congress and President — who could then assure decent Americans that foreign ideas like freedom over one’s body should be cast aside.

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