Are Schools Responsible If I F–K Up?

After teaching for over fifty years I thought my experience had made me aware of every possible student complaint about failures on the part of teachers and schools in the lives of students, but a claim by a Dutch girl certainly deserves a place in the Hall of Fame of school excuses. She sued in court for compensation because her former school failed to prevent her entering the occupation of being a prostitute! According to this woman, pimps contacted her while a high school student and persuaded this young girl to become a prostitute. For some reason, her teachers took no action to prevent these pimps from gaining access to her. At least her teachers should have been watching over her twenty-four hours a day to prevent pimp access.

The court rejected her claim insisting it was the responsibility of individuals and their families if they became a prostitute or criminal or God knows what else. What next for schools, assuming blame for cancer and heart attacks!