Are Soldiers Entitled To Human Rights?

A British High Court has ruled members of the armed forces are entitled to protection of the Human Rights Act even while on active duty and fighting on the front lines. It decided sending members of the armed forces out on patrol with defective equipment is breach of the Human Rights act. The decision was a rounding defeat for the Defense Ministry which has argued soldiers were not covered by such laws. The justices also ruled the Defense Minister could not issue a ban which prevents coroners from using such phrases as “serious failure” in rendering verdicts on the deaths of soldiers who died while in military acton.

The Defense Ministry argued it ws “impossible to afford to soldiers who were on active service outside their bases the benfit of the Human Rights Act.” The justices insisted human rights were guaranteed British citizens “wherever they might be.” It is unfortunate such rights are not guaranteed members of the American armed forces who from day one of the invasion of Iraq have been provided faulty equipment which, in many cases, resulted in their deaths.