Are Sounds Of War Being Heard In South America?

Troops from Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia are poised at their borders awaiing possible new developments in the conflict which has emerged from Colombia’s effort to wipe out the FARC rebel groups. The Colombin government even charged FARC with building a radioactive “dirty bomb” for use against its troops. The allegation was made by Colombian vice-president Francisco Santos to a UN group in Geneva, but he did not offer any evidence to support the allegation. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a self appointed guardian of South America, thrust his nation into the fray when he condemned the Colombian attack on a FARC camp one mile into Ecuador an a violation of his guidelines for peace in the regon.

Even Comrade Fidel Castro jumped into action with a newspaper column where he warned:
“we can plainly hear the trumphets of war to the south of our continent as a consequence of genocidal plans of the Yankee empire.” The Colombian operation was against terrorists who are into drug trafficking and kidnapping. Exactly how dealing with cut-throat gangsters is connected to “genocidal plans” only the Supreme Leader knows. The United States history of involvement in Latin America is terrible, but this is one time, the situation is strictly a Colombian affair.