Are There Any Jews Left In Israel?

Carlo Strenger, writing in Haaretz noted he now constantly encounters audiences of Jews in Europe who are bewildered by the government of Israel and lack an ability to connect with right wing racist practices of the Netanyahu/Avigdor Lieberman perspective on the world. According to Strenger, “Israel has had a government that so blatantly violates the core values of a democracy. Never has a Knesset passed laws that are so radically racist as the current one.” Few Jews outside of Israel can relate to Orthodox Rabbis who control conversion as well as laws of marriage. Given that nearly half marriages in America by Jews are with a spouse of another religion, the current Orthodox view of marriage, in effect, robs thousands of young American Jews of the right to declare they are Jews. The same holds true in most European nations containing a Jewish population. We are witnessing the divide between Netanyahu’s Israel and the outside Jewish world. Leaders in America who claim to represent American Jews certainly do not represent Jews who married Christian women and are unable to have their children be classified as Jewish.

If the people of Israel continue their current anti-Muslim laws and practices they eventually will awake one morning to discover, not only is their nation, despised and isolated from the world, but few Jews in Europe or America have any understanding of their views on life.