Are There Good And Bad Guys In Afghanistan?

Amnesty International issued a report that blasted Sweden for handing over prisoners to local Afghanistan authorities because it was apparent prisoners would be tortured if placed in hands of those defending democracy. “There is an absolute ban on torture and thus also a ban on handing over prisoners to countries in which there is a risk of torture,” according to Lisa Bergh of AI. Of course, this policy raises fundamental questions. Since the Bush administration asserted the right to torture prisoners, is handing over a prisoner to the United States in violation of international accords concerning torture?

George Bush never understood that by allowing torture of prisoners it meant there were no “good” or “bad” guys anymore, everyone was now “bad.” If the United States can torture, if Egypt can torture, if Afghanistan can torture, who are the “good guys?” The ironic aspect of torture, was that America sent prisoners to nations which openly boasted of torturing in order to avoid the US which secretly tortured from admitting it was torturing.

The long and short of this torturous argument is there are no good guys left in the world. Welcome to the war against ourselves in the name of democracy!