Once again, the United States armed forces are looking in the direction of private contractors to handle guard duty that historically has been handled by members of the armed forces. Military authorities are examining the possibility of hiring private contractors to provide around-the-clock security at dozens of bases in Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has termed the use of private contractors in certain areas of Afghanistan, “vital” to the maintenance of security.

Members of our armed forces undergo extensive training to become proficient in the duties they will carry out once in combat. They are under the command of those who are trained and adhered to military regulations and procedures. We have had enough of private contractors who lack military discipline and all too frequently have wound up causing problems, if not actually killing innocent civilians. If the armed forces require more troops, it should come from the regular army, not from mercenaries. It is about time the American people provided support to those who serve, including re-institution of a draft.

  • Matt

    Start a draft? Fat chance that would ever happen. Nope, contractors combined with an all volunteer fighting force is what we have and it is the only set up at this time that makes sense.

    Also, if you take into account how much it would cost to rip out all 246,000 contractors in this war, train up military to do those menial jobs, and replace them, it would take years. Time is not on our side at the moment.

    My suggestion is we support contractors, because they are there to support the war effort. They protect, feed, house, clean up after, maintain the weapons and equipment of, your daughters, sons, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. There has also been no issues of finding enough contractors–they are lining up around the corner.

    What has to happen is for the government to actually care about the quality of services by contractors. That means hiring enough federal CORs to monitor the companies to make sure they are implementing the contract correctly. My analogy is you do not have a house built while you are in Mexico, and expect the house to be built perfectly. You must be involved, to insure that the house is built to your specifications. Right now, the government is in Mexico and drinking pina coladas and could care less about how their house is constructed.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Historically, the US armed forces handle security and construction. No private company can surpass the Seabees and WWII army engineers. I’ll stick with the army, you stick with private contractors.