Are Three Stooges In Charge Of Israel?

Israel’s attempt to give the right spin on recent events near Gaza apparently are working in the exact opposite direction of what the government seeks to convey. The official version is that a group of nice, pleasant Israel soldiers boarded ships in an effort to avoid any violence, but due to actions of the terrorist civilians who were armed with sticks, axes and knives, the heroic young Israeli soldiers had to take out their guns because they were terrified for their lives. For some strange reason, anytime the Israel military encounters Palestinian or other civilians, the end result is soldiers must fire in order to protect themselves from getting killed. The Israel propaganda machine never quite clearly explains what soldiers were doing on a ship that was in international waters, but when it comes to explaining reality, the Israel government prefers to dwell in the land of fantasy. For example, if the need is to deal with civilians, why stand assault soldiers to handle the task?

Once upon a time the Israel Defence Force (IDF) had an outstanding reputation as a military organization. But, during the past decade, it was forced to leave Lebanon at least twice, it bungled the last operation against Hizbullah in Lebanon, it created an intifada and its policies in Gaza are not quite working as planned. For example, the object of the IDF is to curtail the strength of Hamas. After the latest example of the Three Stooges in operation on the ships, Hamas has gained great publicity and will use it to increase their political clout.

The Israel government continues insisting it is the only democratic nation in the Middle East. Turkey, also fits into the category of being democratic and for years was an ally of Israel. Today, no Turkish leader wants to be seen with an Israeli diplomat. Even as this is written, Israel soldiers have taken cell phones and lap tops from the detained people and barred them from speaking with reporters. There is even an Israel soldier next to the bed of each wounded activist. Is this what we term the actions of a “democratic government?”

Reality is the Three Stooges would do a better job of governing Israel than the current group of incompetent clowns!