Are UK Muslims Less “British?”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is worried about the loyalty of Muslim inhabitants of the nation. He believes the presence of Muslim in England somehow will result in a decline of national self identity and emergence of many ethnic enclaves whose loyalty is to local groups rather than to the nation. Cameron is not the first to make such claims concerning the presence of a minority group. In the 17750s, Benjamin Franklin decried the presence of a n alien group who he claimed would never integrate with those of English descent–he was referring to “alien Germans” who had migrated to Pennsylvania! Perhaps, Cameron might study the history of the United States which has seen his argument directed at “evil Irish Catholics” who were charged with owing loyalty to the Pope rather than to America. Al Smith, in 1928, the first Irish Catholic to run for president suffered an overwhelming defeat and when asked by reporters for a comment, he said: ‘I just sent a telegram to the Pope in Rome telling him to unpack his bags.”

Unfortunately, the prime minister apparently has not checked with polling figures reveals when UK Muslims are asked if they identify with the United Kingdom they report:
45% Muslims, “very strongly,” while 42% say “fairly strongly.”
When the question was posed to Muslims in the 16-24 age bracket:
38%, “very strongly,” and 48%, “fairly strongly.”

Those percentages are higher than responses from Christians or non-believers!!

It is one thing for David Cameron to be a bigot, it is another to be an “ignorant bigot.”