Are You Listening To Me?

There are no longer any “secrets” concerning listening in to conversations of those deemed to be “enemies.” Turkey is furious at reports that during aG-20 meeting of finance ministers British secret service agents listened to what Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek was saying to his staff or someone. I assume what he told his staff was told to other finance ministers, but there is a principle somewhere about not bugging the residence of those with whom one meets. Simsek is mad. Simsek wants an apology. Apparently the British were attempting to find out if Turkey was willing to cooperate with other nations. I would assume the British would learn this piece of information during the meeting.

The British government was asked if it would comment. British Embassy officials in Turkey made clear their government does not  comment on what its intelligence agency does or says. I assume this means M16 has no connection with the British government.