Are You Spiritually Fit?

The United States army has decided it wants soldiers who are “spiritually fit” fighting in the front lines and atheists should step to the rear. According to General ”Rhonda Cornom: “researchers have found that spiritual people have decreased odds of attempting suicide and that spiritual fitness has a positive impact on quality of life, on coping and mental health.” In other words if one believes in God, there is a greater likelihood of being able to fire your weapon in combat. Of course, since God urges humans to love one another and live in peace, it is unclear why the Old Man up in the sky wants people who seek to murder and slaughter other humans, Sgt. Justin Griffith considers himself a “foxhole atheist” and after taking the survey test received a not which informed the combat veteran “spiritual fitness may be an area of difficulty.”

I believe the United States Constitution allows each individual to decide his or her understanding of spirituality. This survey is a violation of constitutional rights and should not be administered to anyone who believes it is a violation of their human rights. What if someone is a devout believer in God, but interprets Jesus Christ to mean peace on earth to all?

  • journeyer58

    Fred, in the military, combat experience is paramount to being able to advance in pay grade.
    Promotions are based upon several criteria, one of which is, having combat experience.
    This is a blatant attempt to ‘stack the deck’ with men and women who are ‘christian.’ This is just another way of removing people from the military who don’t believe in a personal god.
    How appalling that the upper echelon of the Armed Services of the US can seek to remove those who don’t believe in ‘yeshua.’
    The upper echelons of the Armed Services are mostly Christian by their own admission, and to have this happen now when more men and women are needed in the military is just another point that should be taken into account when voting for the next president. We in America are at a crossroads in our path towards the future. If the fundamentalist far right wing nuts have their way America will become Amerikkka. No longer the land of the free and the home of the brave but the land of the enslaved and the home of the corporations.