Arizona Checks Hospital Patients

A bill is winding its way through the legislature of Arizona which would require hospitals to notify the immigration and naturalization department if they find an illegal immigrant in the building. We assume legislators would favor the following:

Patient: Doctor, will I live?
Doctor: Before I can answer a question from someone who might be an illegal alien, I must first find out if you were born in this country?
P: My folks brought me here when I was a one year old.
D: So, you are not a natural born American? This means your disease could be a foreign born one.
P: I have spent my entire life in Arizona.
D: The law says I can not provide services to an illegal person.
P: But, I was told there had to be a heart operation.
D: Yes, without a heart operation you will die.
P: So, are you saying that you will do nothing and allow me to die?
D: I resent your comment. I am doing something, I am telling you that we can not operate on illegal immigrants.
P: Without the operation I will die!
D: Perhaps, the next time you will tell your parents not to bring you along with them into America.
P: But, I was only one.
D: A one year old can think. You should have thought more carefully about what you were doing.
P: Please don’t let me die.
D: In this country, we want to devote our hospitals for the care of native born Americans.
P: But, I will die.
D: I just got word, the INS will be here to pick up the body.
P: Body?
D: Sorry, our grave yards only accept legal folk.
P: I thought Americans were Christians.
D: We are, we love all Christians born in America!

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    Its very bad that only American people are treated in American hospitals