Arizona: We Welcome Terrorists!

The state of Arizona has gained fame as the center of anti-illegal immigrant forces who fear people from across the border pose a threat to the national interests of the United States. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City sent detectives to Arizona gun shows where they told sellers of their inability to pass a background check. No sweat in Arizona, they were offered guns, as long as they had the cash. Of course, a background check would reveal if the individual had a drug abuse problem, psychological problems or was on the list of terrorists. But, this is Arizona which welcomes anyone who is on the terrorist list–as long as they have cash for guns. BUT, it is them illegal folk who are the threat to America–they take jobs that most Americans will not take and thus pose a threat to our country’s survival. Who are these nut cases in Arizona?

Crossroads of The West issued a statement about interference with their gun shows. “These forays into America’s heartland committing blatant acts to entrap otherwise innocent gun owners is an unlawful scheme.” They also sent a message to Osama bin Laden: “We know of your interest in weapons, particularly assault weapons. Please send your representatives to our coming gun shows. If you got the cash, we got the gun is our slogan. But, do not send any illegal immigrant to our gun shows. We believe in America.”