Arizona’s Illegal Law About Illegal Immigrants

There are approximately eleven million so-called illegal immigrants in the United States of America, and the state of Arizona has decided to assume the task of deciding how the nation deals with immigrants. Of course, the issue of immigration ordinarily is the responsibility of the federal government, but, what the heck, we of Arizona will handle the situation. President Obama wryly noted, “our failure to act responsible at the federal level will open the door to irresponsibility by others. This includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona.” The state of Arizona passed a law which allows police to examine people in the streets in order to determine who is or is not an illegal immigrant. Governor Jan Brewer believes this is a responsibility of local police, not the federal government.

Police these days must deal with drugs being used by people, and now they must, at least in Arizona, wonder which person in the street is an illegal immigrant. Has anyone in Arizona figured out by so doing, they have added an incredible burden to the job of police? Gee, let’s get us some illegal immigrants today, the heck with criminals robbing stores! We got a life one, an illegal immigrant!

  • lisa

    I think that the Arizona’s prison is the way to go. I am NO Saint by any means…”Trust Me On That” …But the chain gang that they have inforced has done something!!! If you are here illegally, then you should be removed. What if we decided to go to Mexico and ask for free medical and food stamps? They would laugh us out of their country if they didn’t kill us. We need to start taking care of our own and start saying NO to all Illegal Immigrants.I have only one thing against them and that is that they are taking away from OUR AMERINAN CITIZENS and putting us more in debt.Their Country needs to take care of their own for a change.I feel for them,I really do! But Lord we are in such debt as it is.Come to visit,that is fine. But spend your money here not send it back to Mexico!! Again, their country needs to step up and start taking care of their own and then we would’nt have this problem.Everyone would be happy. And I just don’t mean happy Americans.Everyone…Our country keeps trying to bail out everybody.Well STOP ignoring the citizens of the Great US of A. Just because we are US citizens I guess they think that we all are doing well and our needs are met. They need to look at the homeless,the elderly, the disable, the disable vets and so on. Stop paying for cable,ac,smoe medical,dental,clothing,gyms,ect. at the prisons also depending on the nature of their convictions.It is prison people not a resort.A lot of people in the free world don’t have that.Wake up and say what it is… WRONG–That is why I have to say OK to Arizona because they have the B_ _ L S to start somewhere.There are some errors but their making a effort…..