Arm The Kids! End Recession

The National Rifle Association once again has pointed the way to end violence in America, but it is doubtful if liberals will accept what must be done. I continually listen to liberals with their pleas for more gun control when the solution lies in MORE GUNS!. Wayne LePierre, not only is a wise man who understands how to end gun shooting, but he is also a man who understands how to get the economy moving again. Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has grasped the NRA’s ideas for peace and security in schools. “The idea  solution would be an armed guard in each school. The next possible solution is to have at least one person in each school trained to handle a gun.” I agree.

Hiring armed guards will create thousands of new jobs for the unemployed. Of course, more guns will be needed which increases the number of people working in gun factories and the number of people working in gun stores. Of course, if we purse the second best solution, it would be easy to train each student in how to fire a gun. Just imagine, entering  school to shoot and be  met by hundreds of well armed students!