Armenians Died, So Admit It!

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is furious at the a proposed bill in the French parliament which makes denying there was a genocide against Armenians in Turkey during WWI to be a crime that could lead to a fine of $58,000 and possible prison sentence. Erdogan threatened sanctions against  France. “Tomorrow I will probably announce what we will do at the first stage and the kind of sanctions we will have in the second and third stages.” He insists printing stories about murder of Armenians “denigrates Turkish history.”

1. The US Congress publicly apologized to people of Japanese American ancestry over their internment during WWII.

2. American school textbooks are filled with stories about oppression of Native  Americans.

3. American school textbooks are filled with stories about the evils of slavery.

4. Germany  has done a fantastic job in its schools to teach children about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Armenians were murdered during this genocide. American Ambassador Morgenthau at the time sent detailed reports what he and his staff witnessed about Armenians being murdered by the thousands. It does NOT denigrate one’s national heritage to be open concerning past mistakes. It demonstrates maturity as a society.