Arms For All Terrorists!

The National Rifle Association is determined to protect the Constitutional rights of all terrorists in the world. They intend to make certain that if you are a terrorist you also are protected by the Second Amendment and have a right to purchase weapons. OK, so the weapons will be used to kill  American soldiers, but the important thing is that anyone, anywhere who desires to have a weapon is guaranteed that by our Constitution. Wayne LaPierre, number one idiot of the NRA, opposes the proposed Arms Trade Treaty(ATT)which imposes restrictions on the sale of arms in the world. As far as he is concerned, “no foreign influence has jurisdiction overt the freedoms our Founding Fathers guaranteed us.”

I assume no foreign influence has the right to deny Iran the right to have atomic weapons. I assume no foreign influence has the right to deny North Korea its own atomic bombs. Just read the Constitution, it clearly says that no government has the right to deny any human access to weapons. After all, how can one shoot a deer without a bazooka-or an atomic bomb?