Army Barracks Await Soldiers!

Tens of thousands returned to Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest the continued refusal of military leaders in Egypt to quit meddling into the world of politics. Many in the crowd shouted for the ouster of General Mohamed Hussein Tatawij who head the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces(SCAF) which seeks to ensure that in any future parliament military leaders will play a deciding role in what can become law. Most liberal parties in Egypt agreed with demands for the army “to return to the barracks,” but were uneasy at the large presence of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in those shouting for freedom.

Egypt has two opposing forces which threaten the future of democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood and members of Salfi groups seek to impose religious rule while the army seeks to impose military rule. Obviously, those desiring democracy wish the army would return to the  barracks and religious leaders would return to the mosque.