Army Charges Single Mom With Insubordination

Alexis Hutchinson is a member of the United States armed forces and has a young child. She was ordered to go to Iraq for a deployment and informed her commanding officer that she was unable to secure help for the care of her child. Ordinarily, a serious attempt is made in order to discover ways of assisting such a person, but the US Army prefers listing the following charges against a single mother who simply wants to do her duty to nation and child: missing movement, missing her overseas flight, being absent without leave, dereliction of duty, and insubordination. All for the crime of loving her child and loving her nation.

As far as I know, Michelle Obama has a great deal of assistance in raising her children, but a poor mom without family is now a criminal in the eyes of the Army. There is something wrong with a society which provides inordinate aid to the wealthy and powerful but is ready to cast into jail a mother who loves her child. Where is Michelle Obama on this case? Most probably out purchasing another pair of $500 sneakers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the First Lady paid attention to such abuse of women!