Army Charges Soldiers In Deaths Of Iraqi Detainees

The Bush war has created pain for so many people whether in Iraq or the United States and its consequences are daily unfolding in disastrous outcomes for individuals who served in the armed forces. Many carry away physical pain from the conflict, others must deal with the nightmares which invariably accompany war. Three American solders were charged yesterday for the deaths of four Iraqis who were bound, blindfolded, shot in the head and their bodies dumped into a canal last year. Four other soldiers already have been charged with conspiracy for the Iraqi deaths which, most probably, occurred as an outcome of casualties inflicted on American soldiers.

The allegations against the soldiers relate to “the deaths of several detainees who were captured as a result of combat operations.” The Sunnis were captured during a shootout between American soldiers and militants. There is no question war brings out the best and the worse in individuals. Killing captured militants or civilians can not be excused away. Unfortunately, fear and anxiety can overwhelm even decent humans and lead them to perform actions that are not part of their normal behavior.