Army Creating Toxic Mess In War Zones

A report by the Rand Corporation charges the United States Army has paid scant attention to the hazardous wastes that are being left all over Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of fighting. Rand believes there is no plan on how to deal with waste that emanates from engaging in combat and “environmental considerations are not well incorporated into Army planning.” The report is titled: “Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning through Post Conflict.” A long title but not as long as mistakes listed in the report such as constructing an airport over an old one whose toxic problems had never been resolved or dumping insecticides, batteries and other hazardous waste all over the landscape.

A question that has never been discussed by Bush is will American forces clean up the environmental mess they have created in the Middle East. Michael Wolford of the US Army Engineers, conducted a briefing and among the comments he heard were:
“We’re in the desert, what does it matter?”
“We’re here to fight, not to pick up trash.”
“We’re just passing through and do not have time.”

According to the Rand Corporation, someone had better make the time and get the task done.