Army Employees Spread Anti-Obama Messages

An unknown number of Army employees disributed chaine-mail that make false accusations about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. the e-mails originated at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. The e-mail accuses Obama of being a secret radical Muslim, that he disrespects the Ameican flag, and that he was sworn into public office while holding his hand on the Koran. The e-mail is being distributed under the subject line: “Who is Barack Obama?” The e-mail thread obtained by the Army Times shows the message began to circulate outside the government and reached an AMEDD employee before going out to a wide distribution list in that department.

Let’s hope this type of fraudulent information is stopped dead in its tracks and those responsible are fired from their positions. That is the best way to handle such un-American behavior.

  • Martin

    Are their actually people who get information on Presidential candidates from chain email? I mean, seriously, all the contenders have their own YouTube channels, if these allegations had merit he would not be running, and if he was FOX would be commenting on them 25 hour a day. The medium is the message and unsolicited email is for lies and Nigerian scammers.

  • Fred Stopsky

    The Army Times reported the incident and usually on these matters they are very reliable. An investigation is currently taking place to identify the civilian employees who did this. This rumor has been previously circulated via e-mail.

  • Puddy Ray

    How do we know these comments are false. The mans name is Hussein Obama. That says alot for me. So far what Ive got from obama is that hes anti American. I trust the army employees. They fight for my freedom. I dont want to vote for McCain but I will if it comes down to it.

  • Fred Stopsky

    If your comment has any logic, it is a mystery to me. Barack Obama was raised a Christian. I assume you believe among the million or so civilians who work for the army none are lying idiots.
    P.S. Could I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn real cheap? I wouldn’t lie, after all, I am a veteran of the army!