Army Therapist Sent To Therapy

Rachelle Santiago worked as a mental health therapist with soldiers who had returned from fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For some reason, one of her patients offered a powerful attraction to the therapist and she began to stalk, not only him, but his wife. She sent the sergeant sexually explicit messages and interesting pictures of herself. After being barred from Fr. Riley on January 26, she returned the next day and drove her car onto the post. Her car was pursued and after fifty minutes of speeding, the MPs were finally able to catch the woman. She was sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

A sad story, but perhaps one that exemplifies new issues in our military. Historically, troops served a certain amount of time in combat and then received some break time. PTSD is now a powerful illness and this may be a case in which the therapist got caught up in the illness of the soldier. Who knows, maybe PTSD is catching.