Arnie, Latest Republican Terminator

There must be something in the water drunk by Republican politicians which results in sexuality running rampant. Arnold Schwarzennegger is the latest Republican who admits to having had sexual romps with someone or other. In his case, the former Republican governor admits to having fathered a baby about ten years ago with a member of his household’s personal staff. His wife, Maria Shriver was told about it a few months ago and she now seeks a divorce. If there was an all star team of political sexually promiscuous men, its name would be, “Republican Perverts.”

1. Arnie slept with a person who worked in his household and produced a child.

2. Senator John Ensign just resigned after admitting screwing his best friend’s wife and then paying off his best friend’s silence.

3. Newt Gingrich screwed around while married and now is the leading advocate of Family Values.

4. We have Republican senators found in public toilets attempting to solicit men.

5. Rudy Giuliani had an affair while married and dumped his wife.

6. Mayor Bloomberg has been divorced.

The list of moral hypocrites would readily win an election if held in a small town. What is most fascinating is how this group of moral men blast liberals as “Socialist secularists” who seek to end the institution of marriage. Republicans charge Obama wanted to set up “Death Panels” while they seek to establish “Sex Panels” which allow men free reign to screw around and still be allowed to be champions of FAMILY VALUES!