Arrogance Of Obama

If Barack Obama loses this election, future historians will have a field day exploring this man’s mind for clues as to why he was headed for victory and threw it away. I believe it stems from an inborn arrogance that views the world through the lens of his mind and those around him. Obama has surrounded himself with a closed Chicago group whose own arrogance was heightened by defeating John McCain. In a sense, they do not see the world through the lens of most Americans preferring that most Americans see reality through their interpretation of reality.

Obama had a dozen opportunities to rip Mitt Romney to pieces and just mumbled some nonsense or gazed down on his shoes. Romney told one lie after another and Obama just stood there as though brain dead. Why? Given, that he knows what is best why should he spend time with this idiot. Barack ASSUMES most Americans can see through the lies of Romney. This is the Obama weakness, he never clearly explains, he never makes people aware, he simply believes that once a law is passed, all will read the 2,000 pages and thus understand what he is attempting to achieve.

Too bad he was not born on the streets of Harlem.