As Always In Europe, Blame It On Them Jews!

A member of Sweden’s Center Party decided it was time the world learned about Jewish plots to take over the world. According to Ove Sviden, them clever Jews were behind Adolf Hitler and helped him get power in Germany so the infamous so-called Holocaust incident in which “allegedly” millions of Jews were killed in order to solicit sympathy for a Jewish state in Palestine. “Who won the Second World War? The Jews! They got a state… It’s not a coincidence.” It is clear, Jews conspired with Jewish Adolf Hitler to pretend there were deatgh camps when, in actuality, east European Jews were transported to Argentine during the war while millions were sent to Florida and California where they spent the war in sunny climes.

But, the story gets worse since this intrepid investigator has evidence Jews were behind the 9/11 attack. Confession. I was in Long Island on 9/11 and the night before received a secret message that went out to all Jews in the area. We were warned by Mossad of the coming attack and told to steer clear of the World Trade Center. I know Mossad has spread stories that Jews died in the bombing, but a check of Miami’s telephone directory will uncover the names of those Jews who supposedly died in the attack.

My mystery was how Mossad got my name.

  • FemaleGentile

    Yes and I suspect that as a Jew you prefer the following line of reasoning: Jews are forever victims, forever persecuted and eternally oppressed. Does that suit you better? I suspect it does given there is a marked culture of victimhood with your people. Never the oppressors always the downtrodden. Yawn!