ASEAN– Toothless Tiger Of Asia

In a biting sarcastic article appearing in the Bangkok Post, Achara Ashayagachat, decried his government’s willingness to go along with the Organization of South Eastern Nation’s decision to ignore human rights violations in Burma. Despite urging from UN leaders, such as special envoy Ibrahim Gambrari, the ASEAN meeting demonstrated “there was no unified voice and the leaders all succumbed to Burmese objection to any form of intervention.” The Philippines was the only government taking a firm stand in support of dissident rights and will refuse to sign the recent agreement until something is done to protect human rights in Myanmar. Unfortunately, the failure of ASEAN to take a stand means Burma’s generals “need not fear any interference from their neighbours should they again deal harshly with any future opposition.” He urges the incoming Thai government to stand up for the Burmese people.

It’s encouraging to know there are voices in southeast Asian nations which support human rights. Hopefully, a new Thai government will listen to these cries for assisting the oppressed people of Burma.