Dear Dr. Fred:

I am really upset at the vicious program begun by the liberal effete media to smear a God fearing American like me. They blame George Bush for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but I have the names of Democratic Congressmen who voted for war. They put George Bush on the spot since if he didn’t go along with their ideas for war, they would have smeared his name. And, they attack America’s leading intellectual, Sarah Palin, the only one I know who can see Serbia across the river. I love Jesus Christ and knew if He was alive today he would be a member of the NRA and the Republican party, Fred, how can I stop the liberal smear campaign against me?
Yours For Jesus,
Michele Bachman

Dear Michele:

Remember that Jesus suffered for telling the truth. You are absolutely right in claiming Jesus was for the NRA. Why do you think he wore a robe? It was to conceal his Glock gun. People forget the original meaning was: Blessed are the wealthy and warriors for they alone will bring peace to the world. Michele, when the history of philosophy is written, your beloved friend, Sarah will be at the top of the list. Who else understands that if you end taxation on the wealthy and allow middle class people pay all the taxes, they will become poor and thus have an entry into Heaven. Michele, the liberals got us into two wars, the liberals got these high deficits.
Just remember Michele, scratch a liberal and you get a homo pervert who wants to rape your daughters–or your sons or both. I say Michele Bachman for president.
Fred For Fighting against free loading Liberals