Dear Dr. Fred

I work with a lot of people who think they are so smart because they went to some college. Me, I got educated in the college of hard knocks. They insist Herman Cain is not a brilliant economist nor is he an expert on foreign affairs. I tell them about 9-9-9 and they respond it only benefits wealthy folk. I tell them he is a man of the people and they invent stories about sexual harassment.

Dr. Fred, how can I respond to their outrageous charges?

Big Al, friend of down trodden.

Dear Big Al:

If you add up 9-9-9 it comes out to 27 fascinating ideas on how to cure American economic problems. Just because someone did not graduate from some fancy schmanzy  college does not mean he is not as smart as those folk. Herman Cain is a real man. A real man likes real women, so what is wrong about that! A real man does not know where some strange place like Zimbabwe is located. So, do all liberals know the location of Andorra? I bet Herman can tell who won the World Series in 2002. Can any liberals?

Just remember, the first two kids were named Cain and Abel. Herman simply is the guy who is able to make himself come across as an idiot. That takes intelligence!


Dr. Fred