Dear Dr.Fred:

I live in the great state of Texas and am a loyal member of the Tea Party. I want to know how we can rid this nation of all them foreigners who just don’t know about our Constitution and the free enterprise system. How can we return America to the great land it used to be?
100% Loyal American, John

Dear John:

I share your desire to get rid of all these damn foreigners who pollute our great nation. I wish we could get back to those days of yore when America was a nation that was 98% white Protestant(of course, there were those black skinned folk, but they sure knew their place). I guess things started going downhill when those dirty, poor Irish Catholics took over the cities and brought crime and booze and all them prostitutes. And, of course, the first Catholic president, that John Kennedy guy, was all for the civil rights stuff. Take it from me, the Kennedy family was bunch of Irish Catholic Communists who did not believe in God!
Anyway, let me suggest you vote for this Barack Obama, he is one of your kind– a damn Protestant. OK, a slightly different shade of skin, but just remember, he is a white Protestant, under the skin.