Assad, Apres Moi, Le Deluge!

President Bashar al-Assad has reached the point of no return. Battles rage in the cities of Syria, hundreds of soldiers are defecting from his armed forces, and thousands of civilians are fleeing for their lives to Lebanon or elsewhere. The end is near, the only questions are: when and how? There is not a doubt in the world that Assad and his thug regime are relics of the past. So, what is left for Bashar but to threaten the world.

Foreign Minister Jihad Makissi warned the world that his nation possesses chemical and biological weapons which could be unleashed. However, he did assure these weapons would not be used “unless Syria is exposed got external aggression.” The bad news is Assad has such weapons, the good news is his downfall will not come from without, but from within his own nation.

Hopefully, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel controls his desire for action.