Assad, Apres Moi,Le Deluge!

Death totals continue to rise as Syrian tanks enter city after city blasting away at anyone who dares express disagreement with the dictatorial regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey, a close ally of Syria, sent Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu to Damascus with a plea to cease the slaughter but Assad told him to mind his own business because he intends to destroy any and all “Islamic militants”– his expression for those who oppose his government. Ironically, Turkey is ruled by the Justice and Development Party which represents conservative Muslims in the nation.

There still remain nations like India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa which believe there are no conditions under which the UN should intervene in order to halt a maniac from killing his own people. Finally, the Russian government has begun to sound an alarm of despair at the actions of its ally. At least 2,000 are dead, including four hundred during the past week.  We await a march of Muslims who will openly enter Syria in order to express solidarity with their fellow Muslims.

Of course, does anyone actually believe the above will occur?