Assad Lies About What Assad Said!

The only consistent news from Syria these days is that President Bashar al-Assad will definitely do the opposite of what he said yesterday. Several days ago the boss man of Syria promised members of the Arab League that he would cease attacks and murder of Syrians, a goal that most Syrians desired. Naturally, within hours after issuing this promise, tanks and soldiers in his army advanced on the city of Homs and massacred some more people. The Arab League called a special meeting to discuss how to end violence.

Syria is a divided nation. The Alawite minority from which comes Assad and their Christian allies do not trust Sunnis who shout for freedom, but whose leaders all too often come from clerics. In Libya, the new Transitional Council has called for imposition of Sharia law, much to the anger of secular Libyans. Syrian Christians fear the overthrow of Assad will result in imposition of Muslim law upon them.

Step one in gaining peace in Syria is for opposition leaders to promise no Sharia law and no retaliation against Alawites. If Syrians believe in democracy it must also apply to those who are not  Sunni Muslim!