Assad One Talks With Assad Two

The mystery of what has been going on in Syria for the past three years has finally been clarified for this writer. It is now clear that in Syria there are two Bashar al-Assad characters and they vie with one another to be present on the stage of life. Assad I is a cruel, hateful person who is absorbed with the desire for power and will murder and kill with impunity even the people he governs in order to retain power. Assad I has only one thought in his mind and that is retention of power forever. However, there is an Assad II, who actually thinks about the meaning of his religion and seeks to govern according to the doctrine of the Koran in a desire for peace and friendship with all nations. Assad II met with Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and made clear the threat to peace in the Middle East is not the actions of Assad I but those who ruled Saudi Arabia.

He described the role of Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi religion as the main source of violence in the region. “The Syrian people and some peoples in the region know how serious is the threat of Wahhabism.” The Saudis who fiercely spread this form of the Muslim religion have caused terrorism in Afghanistan and been the model for al-Qaeda. Terrorism has been the goal of Saudi Arabia for years and until its form of extremism is ended, there can be no peace in the Middle East.

Just think about it, Assad II is not that bad a guy!!