Assad Warns Of Earthquake

Bashar al-Assad is the son of a man who killed twenty thousand of his own people in order to make clear to Syrians that when an Assad makes a demand, obey or die. During the past 48 hours at least 50 civilians were killed by Syrian forces and dozens were wounded. Assad remains defiant to the world and his neighbors who seek peace in his land “Any problem in Syria will burn the entire region. Do you want to see another Afghanistan? Syria is the hub in this region.” And he warned if you play with his nation the world will cause “an earthquake.”

Sounds very threatening, but can he go beyond words in order to carry out threats? The Turkish government is furious, and it has established camps for deserting Syrian soldiers. Sanctions are in place and there is not a single Arab nation which will come to the assistance of this two bit tyrant. He can shout defiance, but he simply can not carry out his threat to “see another Afghanistan.”

In Syria, the vast majority oppose Assad. His end will resemble that of Gaddafi.