Assange Seeks Life In UK Over USA

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is fighting efforts to extradite him from the United Kingdom and have him sent to Sweden. He fears once in Sweden the mechanics of international relations will play out with him being sent to the United States. His lawyer points out that many important Americans have “implied, if not stated, that Mr. Assange should be executed.” Sarah Palin, the mouse that roars nonsense has argued that Assange should be “hunted down just like al-Qaeda.” Of course, Ms. Palin during the past few days has made clear she believes in peace and non-violence. I assume when she says someone should be “hunted down” it simply is a reference to her desire to hunt down Mr. Assange in order to appoint him to a position on her staff which seeks finding evidence that President Obama is a secret Muslim who was born in Africa.

Put it this way, would any sane person who is facing criminal charges wish to have the trial occur in the United States? Arizona state law says anyone can take their weapons anywhere, it says so in the 2nd Amendment! Imagine Assange on trial in Texas or Arizona with a crowd of well armed men and women determined to hunt down someone that lacks guns to defend itself or himself. If I was Julian, remain in the UK and stay away from gun-toting America, land of the gun and center of hate and anger.