Assassin Hailed In Pakistan

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Queredi was a known religious fanatic who made clear his desire to end secular institutions and laws in Pakistan, but a man with his extreme views wound up being assigned to an elite force which supposedly protected Governor Taseer of Punjab who was a supporter of a more secular Pakistan. Thousands of supporters attended the funeral of Taseer but President Asif Ali Zardari apparently had other things to do than be at the funeral of a friend and supporter. Taseer has aroused the anger of religious nuts in Pakistan because he opposed the blasphemy laws which resulted in a poor illiterate Christian woman being accused and sentenced to death for “insulting the Prophet”–whatever that means. Mr. Queredi regarded himself as a “slave of the Prophet.”

The unanswered question is how could a man fire 29 BULLETS into the back of Mr. Taseer and NOT A SINGLE SHOT WAS FIRED BY THE OTHER GUARDS AT THE ASSASSIN! There is no doubt at least some of the other men knew what was happening or they welcomed what occurred.

Perhaps, it is time to leave Pakistan and let chaos ensue.