Assault Enemy Or Friend?

The military academies of the United States produce excellent fighting men, but for some reason some of those fighters prefer engaging in violent interactions with fellow members of the academy, particularly those of the female gender. Reported sexual assaults at the nation’s three military academies rose by 23 percent this year, but the data also reveals that in a high percent of these crimes, females did not report the assault. The actual figures are a rise from 65 assaults in 2011 to 80 in 2012, but in nearly half these cases, there was no follow up investigation and no one was charged with any crime.

An anonymous survey of females at the academies reveals that 12% said they experienced “unwanted sexual conduct” while 51% said they were sexually harassed. Of males, two percent said they experienced unwanted sexual contact and 10% said they were sexually harassed.

If this is present among the good guys and gals what happens when those who are guilty of such behavior go into combat in areas like Afghanistan?