Asylum Issues In Finland

The world of Europe has been dramatically changed since the end of World War II as millions of people have arrived from Africa and Asia in search of a better life both economically and politically. The Finnish parliament recently debated the nature of its asylum program which, most probably, is among the most lenient in the world. It is not surprising that right wing elements believe their nation’s open door policy is being abused by immigrants who claim the right of asylum when they most probably are seeking a better economic life for their families. Some critics are demanding that anyone whose application for asylum has been denied should immediately be deported to prevent them from using the system in order to continue living in Finland. There were also claims that since Finland is more receptive to asylum seekers, they ignore Sweden or Norway and head for Finland.

The issue is most probably more complex than those who use the system since immigration procedures also require extensive programs to integrate newcomers into the culture of the new country. Part of the problem in dealing with asylum seekers is the nature of how asylum is defined by a nation. In other words, what are the criteria established to justify allowing an immigrant to gain entry. There is no simple answer to that complex question.