Asylum Seekers Face Deportation

These days in Europe, virtually every nation has a political party or movement whose goal is to rid the country of all them “furriners.” Denmark has been a haven for hundreds who are seeking a port of refuge in a world that looks askance at anyone who stands up for human rights. Unfortunately, the asylum seekers reached Denmark only to encounter the problem of having their requests turned down for permanent residence. Denmark’s government is unable to force Iraqi asylum seekers to return unless they can arrange an agreement with the Iraqi government to allow their return. The Danish ambassador is now working on such an agreement.

Once an agreement is reached it will only be a matter of days before these Iraqi refugees are back in Iraq. Some of the Iraqis who will be returned have been in Denmark for years and the prospect of returning to the war torn land is anything but welcome news. A few hundred human beings, a land of millions, but apparently no room for generosity of spirit.