Atomic Bomb Flap Continues in Japan

Members of the Japanese Parliament expressed anger at Defense Ministet Kyuma’s remarks that America might have had reason to drop an atom bomb on Japan. Some MPs are insisting that since the US demands apologies for Japan’s forcing women to be prostitutes in World War II, it is only appropriate for America to apologize for dropping the bomb.

These are separate issues. The Japanese government forced thousands of women in areas they had conquered to become prostitutes. As of this day, only $25,000 has been paid — actually, paid by a private foundation– for this inhumane treatment. The apology and compensation these women deserve has no connection to the atomic bomb.

Unfortunately, the Japanese do not teach anything resembling accurate history concerning the atomic bomb. By the way, neither do American social studies teachers. American and British forces were prepared to invade Japan in the fall of 1945 and casualties they faced numbered in the thousands. 5000 Kamikaze pilots were prepared to commit suicide to halt the invasion. Japan was offered surrender terms, in fact, the Russian government (Russia had yet to enter the Pacific war) was being used as an intermediary by the Japanese and it did pass on surrender terms. The bottom line is the refusal on the part of the Japanese government to surrender(actually, the Japanese navy was prepared to surrender) because of opposition by Army commanders who believed they could halt the invasion on the beaches.

Japan invaded China, killed millions of people as well as raping thousands of women, forced thousands of Korean women into sexual slavery and also subjected Koreans to cruel medical experiments, and the Japanese killed thousands of American and British soldiers who surrendered. Japan is no “victim.”