Attacks On Christians In Asia

Hundreds of years ago, European colonists entered southeast Asia in search of trade and commerce, but also bringing with them priests and missionaries to spread the words of Jesus Christ. For centuries, Christians enjoyed the protection of colonial guns, but with the advent of independence for Asian nations, the status of Christianity within predominantly Muslim nations has always been open to the prospect of violence. Over the past weekend, there were riots in Pakistan in which Christians were killed and dozens witnessed the burning of their homes.

Police are now investigating whether violence was planned or did it arise from spontaneous anger deriving from rumors that Christians somehow had desecrated a Koran. Perhaps, the Christians of the city of Gojira got caught in the path of Taliban militants fleeing their defeat in the Swat Valley which led to spreading rumors against Christians in order to cover up their tracks. There is no doubt, when in trouble in many Muslim nations, just find some Christians and initiate violence.

A failure of nations such as Pakistan is to have even the semblance of multicultural education that enables Muslims to learn something about their Christian neighbors. In the absence of knowledge, the virulence of ignorance can result in death and destruction.