Auction Off Black Students!

In the midst of the anniversary of the Civil War’s origin, some teachers are attempting to display what it was like to be a slave. At Sewells Point Elementary school in Virginia, Jessica Boyle got the idea to have black children stand up, go against the wall and allow the white kids to bid for them. It is unclear whether those who won their bid were allowed to take the black child home with him. The head of Norfolk schools assured one and all this was her first attempt at a slave auction, and most probably her last. Of course, there are other simulations Ms. Boyle might attempt:

1. Have Jewish children stand up, and allow the other children to light matches in order to burn them up in order to understand the Holocaust.

2. Have children with Irish names be given a bottle of whiskey and make them drink it up in order to understand why 19th century Americans regarded the Irish as drunkards.

3. Of course, we could have children with Italian names come to school with a gun and rob the other children.