Aussies’ Have Loose Lips

Australia will not intervene in the case of one of its citizens who currently is in jail in Kuwait for insulting the emir of the country. According to her daughter, Nasrah Alshamery does not even know the name of the bloke who is in charge of the nation. Perhaps, we can assist in this case by offering some remarks the emir might consider more insulting than those said — or not said– by Mrs. Alshamery:
“Say, who is the guy who runs this place?”
“I hear the guy who runs Kuwait is really Jewish, it that true?”
“Did anyone know the word “emir” spelled backwards is “rime?”
“Is it true that Kuwaitians are really very impatient people like the emir?”

Thai-based Australian professor, Harry Nicolaides, has been jailed in Bangkok since August, 2007 on charge of lese-majeste” for making a negative remark about the Crown Prince. What would I have to do to get jailed for “more-majeste?”

I guess it would be wise for this writer to stay clear of Kuwait or Thailand. It’s too bad the Thailand Crown Prince and the Emir of Kuwait aren’t like Prince Harry who goes around insulting we commoners without any punishment. How about those monarchs being given a few hours to insult Nicolaides and Mrs. Alshamery?