Aussies Say Not To Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has based his new “initiative” in Afghanistan on the assumption other nations will join in the effort to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Recent polls in Australia which has contributed its armed forces to the struggle in Afghanistan suggest public opinion in that nation are turning against fighting in the hills of a a far off Asian land. Public opinion was narrowly divided over whether to support the fight in Afghanistan, but an overwhelming majority opposed sending any more Australian soldiers to fight. Sentiment against any further military involvement was stronger among women than men.

Barack Obama is an optimist to believe sending 17,000 more troops or 4,000 to train the Afghan army will work. If we learned anything from experiences in China during the 1940s and in Vietnam during the 1960s it was that only a government which enjoys the support of its people can defeat terrorism. There is need for an HONEST Afghan government led by men and women who are committed to ending corruption if “more troops” will be the magical solution to success. Sending 17,000 “more troops” to support the Karzai government is sending more money down the rat hole of corruption.