Austerity For Those Without

A common Republican mantra is that people who are poor are poor because they are lazy and have been pampered by Big Government. The Austerity theme has been adopted by many European nations including Germany which insists that Greece and other nations at risk must risk the issue of cutting jobs reducing government expenditures and –eventually– prosperity, peace and joy will return to their fair land. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes if reductions and unemployment are not continued the people of Greece will get the idea the European Union will always bail out their spendthrift ways.

Yes, Greek workers are now producing more goods per hour than before. Yes, Greek workers no longer enjoy high wages or excellent health care benefits. Yes, Greek workers have witnessed a reduction in their standard of living and over 30% lack jobs. But, this all has been for their benefit. OK, so thousands of Greeks now head to Germany seeking work, this reduces unemployment in Greece and helps Germany import fewer Muslim workers.

And, the best news is that Greeks do not eat as much as before and will not face the prospect of rising obesity. So, in the long run, austerity is healthy and beneficial for millions.