Australia Debates Gay Rights

The government of Australia has made clear it does not approve legislation from sections of the country which would allow gays and lesbians to enjoy equal rights in marriage. The ACT passed the most progressive same-sex partnership laws in the country which grants couples the right to legally binding marriage ceremonies, but the Federal government made clear it would veto the legislation. It agues such laws granting marriage rights to gays an lesbians “undermined and mimicked” marriage. ACT Attorney General Simon Campbell argued the Federal government stance was discrimination and violated the Australian constitution.

I am always amused when those opposing gay marriage argue to allow men marrying men or women marrying women somehow undermines the institution of marriage. If they marry it means the nation has more people married, not fewer. It is also difficult to avoid a smile when someone argues about the sanctity of marriage in a nation in which half of marriages end in divorce.

Perhaps, I misunderstood. Is opposition to gay marriage really a strategy of ensuring certain men and women will never experience a divorce?