Australian PM Charges Predecessor With Iraq Blunders

Australia’s recently elec ted prime minister, Keven Rudd, ripped into his predecessor for misleading the nation regarding the threat of Iraq to world peace. He accused John Howard of deliberately placing Australian troops at risk for listening to the words of President George Bush that WMD existed in Iraq. Rudd asked some basic questions. “Hav further terrorist attacks been preventred? No, they have not been. Has any evidence of a link between WMD and the former Iraqi regime and terrorists been found? No. Have the actions of rogue states like Iraq been moderatd? No. After five years has the humanitarian crisis in Iraq been removed. No, it has not.”

Whe House spokesperson Dana Perino, once again argued that “no one else in the world, no other government had different information and so we acted based on what was the threat that was presented to us.” The Bush administration still functions on the belief if one repeats endlessly the same idea, it eventually will be accepted as the truth. Has George Bush forgotten the UN in 2003 urged they been given additional time to check out the so-called WMD because they had yet to find evidence any such weapons existed?

  • gustav de Groot

    Kevin Rudd is right. There were no W M D in Iraq and the UN inspectors were still in Iraq checking and not finding and requesting Bush to hold until more time was spent to make sure no WMD were found