Australian Police Assault Indian Protestors

In the current world of fear of terrorism, many police see terrorists where none exist. A group of 200 students representing the Federation of Indian Students of Australia, a most obvious terrorist group, came out to protest against a recent series of attacks on students by Australian racists. Ordinarily, authorities might be sympathetic to efforts by a group of students to address issues, but this is modern Australia and the sight of 200 college students undoubtedly frightened police in Victoria. Yogesh Malhotram claims about 200 police surrounded the students and came charging in to the crowd of peacefully assembled students. He said police punched and dragged students who were, for the most part, sitting down.

However, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland, defended actions of his police. “If someone inadvertently got hit in the mouth, I regret that, but that came about from actions of the demonstrators after they had been given every opportunity to leave the area.” If your mouth got in the way of a police punch, it is all your fault.

They are a bunch of kids upset about being beaten by racist thugs. Surely, some government official could have talked with them.

  • steve

    what bullshit

  • steve

    The source of much violence against indians has come from other ethnic minorities or are the result of muggings in dodgy areas….where many other people are victims of crime…wouldn’t it be racist not to mug someone because of their colour? Wouldn’t you mug the student with all the latest gadgets?!
    if the police were violent, they would have been responding to violent activists in kind.
    Australians racism is increasing though – partly due to the fact that welcoming arms are met with hostility that’s been flamed by internet rumours that ‘all australians are racist’ – that prejudice is ok if the victim is too PC to complain.

  • Fred Stopsky

    As the child of immigrants my experience is that immigrants initially tend not to be violent and welcome good feelings from natives to the land. I believe history will support that observation.